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It’s nice to remember why I became a piano teacher from time to time. In my case, it was the desire to find a job that would allow me to share my fondness for music with others; an opportunity to give back to others through something I’m passionate about.
I’m sure many of you who work in music education did so for similar reasons. It is a profession that can truly be amazing especially once you’ve witnessed the fruits of your labor. It’s fulfilling to see the way your students learn not just how to play, but love music in the same way you do.

Teaching how to play the piano can be really fun and rewarding. On this page, I’ll share with you some of the reasons why I love being a piano teacher.

1. The feeling of watching a student progress

As a piano teacher, I understand how difficult it is to learn music for the first time. It can be frustrating for students when they have yet to familiarize themselves with concepts and how to coordinate their hands to play a piece. But I learned that having an optimistic attitude has a significant impact on how effectively you teach your students. It serves to encourage them further and teach them not to give up. Trust me, it eventually pays off once you see your students go a long way from where they started. Watching your students progress will be one of the most fulfilling milestones you will ever experience as a piano teacher.

2. The look of pure joy on a student’s face when they finally understand a concept

Learning music can be difficult work. As a piano teacher, there may have been times when I was attempting to explain something that my students couldn’t quite understand at first. It is understandable, of course, for some concepts to be harder to grasp than others. And it is also typical in music classes for students to learn these concepts differently. But whether they have learned to play a piece correctly or the cloud of confusion and frustration clears from their minds when learning a particular concept, the pure joy that my students feel from their small victories is absolutely contagious.

3. The personal satisfaction of teaching a difficult concept

Teaching difficult concepts is not only a feat for my students. I’m also challenged to attempt to find ways in which I can conjure unique methods to be able to communicate a topic with my students. I learned to hone the skill that allows me to educate many various methods until they understand the subject. It is always satisfying to find what works best, and finally making a breakthrough from certain difficult lessons.

4. The joy of watching a student enjoy playing

Adeline Piano Studio’s music classes always aim to inspire students to explore their musical interests and progress musically. With that goal in mind, being a piano teacher means that I often need to hear the same piece being played by 4-5 different children in a single day. My piano teacher philosophy is to think about how many times I have to listen to them, I listen as if it were the first time. Every student has their own unique personality in playing music. It is always a joy to see them having fun with their own variations of music and the art that they are slowly learning to produce.

5. Seeing a student grow in their confidence and skill over time

Over time, I learned that repertoire selection can be crucial in helping children reach their full potential without entirely overwhelming them. At first, I see how they may struggle and find a particular piece too difficult for their ability level. But as I watch my students persevere in practice, I am filled with pride once they have developed their talents enough to increase their confidence in their abilities.

6. The opportunity to share one’s love of music with others

piano teacher

Above all, I genuinely enjoy sharing my ardent love for music and teaching. My passion motivates me as a piano teacher to try my best to help my students appreciate music as much as I do. I’ve always been committed and excited about their music journey. This is what motivates me to strive to go the additional mile to turn my students into happy learners. But what I have come to love the most is helping my students come to love music as well. Seeing how music has personally had a hand in their holistic development, spurs me on and fuels the purpose of my career.

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